the HIDDEN ep

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Hidden - EP

by Elizabeth Hope

Elizabeth Hope


Born and raised a stone's throw from Music City and being the third born child of two opera singers, Elizabeth Hope has been submerged in a strong music culture her entire life. But it was after sojourning to Canada for a ministry school for several years that the ground work was initially laid for the Hidden EP. While there, Elizabeth received mentorship as a worship leader and the balm of authentic community, all while discovering God through the lens of Father.  

Upon returning to Tennessee, Elizabeth continued to cultivate her secret place with the Lord through music. It was during this time that the songs that make up the Hidden EP emerged and her unique sound and writing style was cultivated. These songs represent the transparent overflow of her time with Father God--honest questions in pursuit of honest answers--a daughter's journey home to her Father's heart. 

Drawing inspiration from artists such as United Pursuit, Noah Gundersen, and Sleeping at Last, Elizabeth Hope juxtaposes powerful vocals with tender melodies creating a new type of worship experience.




All website photos taken by Michaela Potterbaum.



Thanks to my generous community, the Hidden EP was fully funded--the EP is set to be released on November 2, 2017.